At St. Dunstan’s we believe that part of a life of faith is sharing what we have, and working for justice for all God’s people.

Refugee Ministry

St. Dunstan’s will be sponsoring a refugee family already in the U.S. by working with an agency, New American Pathways. We hope to meet with the family in the near future to learn of their needs and determine how we can best help them.

This and That, Refugee Edition

Dear friends, We had an informative class last Sunday about sponsoring a family of refugees. Louisa Merchant, who runs the refugee ministry at All Saints, was a good source of information and will continue to be a resource to us as we move forward. I also want to...

The Cries of Ramah

Epiphany 2A There were signs telling them change was coming. First was a large, brilliant star, almost as bright as the sun as it streaked south across the night sky. Next came the birds, thousands of them, big and black, of a kind never before seen in the village,...

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