Dear friends,

I know that all of you have the people of Houston and other areas which have been affected by Hurricane Harvey in your hearts and minds this week. The devastation there is almost impossible to comprehend, and the road to recovery will be long and difficult. Several people have asked about the best ways to make a donation to help. I have a couple of suggestions.

The first is through Episcopal Relief and Development, which is the Episcopal Church’s relief agency, helping people in this country and around the world. They are taking special donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey. You may donate to them online through their website at

Here is a second option: One of my closest friends, the Rev. Lisa Hunt, is rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Houston. The last time I talked to her, a couple of days ago, she and her family were safe, and the church itself was okay (although that may have changed by now). However, she has many parishioners who have been affected. A gift to her discretionary fund will allow her to provide direct assistance to her parishioners, or others in need. If you’d like to help this way, I’d suggest you make a check to St. Dunstan’s and mark it as hurricane relief, and then we can send one check from us to St. Stephen’s. One interesting note about Lisa — she was rector of St. Anne’s in Nashville (the church that sent me to seminary) when it, and much of the surrounding neighborhood, was destroyed by a tornado in 1998. She is too well versed in caring for a community after a natural disaster.

With prayers for all those affected by this horrific storm, and for those who are working to help,


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