This Friday evening we are hosting a Ramadan dinner for our Syrian refugee family. During Ramadan, the Muslim month of intense prayer, fasting, and nightly feasts, healthy adult Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sundown. We will begin gathering in the parish hall at 8:30, and will begin eating at 8:52, the official time of sunset. If you are feeling adventurous, you can find traditional Middle Eastern recipes by googling “Ramadan meal menu.” American dishes are fine, too – just no pork and no alcohol. Let us know you’re coming and what you plan to bring by signing up at  Find our page by entering Administrator – Templeton and password – dunstan. See Tricia’s sermon from yesterday that explains why we are hosting this special meal.

As You Feast On Your Iftar I Wish You All The Joys A Life Can Bring To Share With Your Dear Ones Ramadan Mubarak Wishes | Ramadan | Forward this Picture

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