Our matching gift campaign to raise money for refugee ministry has been a success. Parishioners offered to match up to $5,000 given to help refugees. To date we have received about $4,400, which means we now have a budget of $9,400 to use specifically to help refugees in the coming years. (The original donors gave the entire $5,000). As you know from watching the news, the whole question of refugee entry into the country is up in the air right now. For the time being, refugees are being allowed in until a) the courts issue a final ruling or b) the president issues another executive order. Representatives from New American Pathways, the refugee resettlement organization with which we are working, do not know if any families will be coming into Atlanta during this window of time, but we have told them we are willing and ready to be sponsors if people do get through. That means we may be called upon to move quickly to furnish an apartment for a family. So I ask you to let me know if you have any furniture or furnishings (sheets, kitchen supplies, etc) that you can donate. I’ll keep a list and let everyone know if things are needed. We have some storage space in the church basement, if you’d like to store things here. And if no new families are allowed entry, we have told New American Pathways we are happy to work with a family already here. I’ll keep you posted on what develops.

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