From Claudia Gimson, Parish Administrator:

Maggie Harney will be our priest this evening as we transition from Lent to Easter.

We usually start the service outdoors with the lighting of the Paschal Candle. Due to the inclement weather, we will gather in the Parish Hall for the beginning of the service and process into the church.  (Our formula for the new fire is smokeless so poses no hazzard.)

The choir has been magnificent with their dedication, and singing their hearts out with every service.

The flower guild has flowers blooming all over the church; it feels like coming in from the desert after 40 days with no flowers and walking into a garden – just breathe in the glorious scent. They’ve outdone themselves as usual.

The Altar Guild has been busy all week changing hangings, polishing silver, preparing for every service.

Bob and Ralph have been so diligent in addressing the streaming issues that we were experiencing, I think it’s all good. 

We will celebrate with Tricia’s annual Champagne and cake reception afterwards. Katharina McCawley has prepared one of her glorious cakes – Have you ever had a hummingbird flavored cake? 

So don’t let the yucky weather keep you away this evening.

The early portion will not be streamed until we process into the church.

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