Rector’s Update: Tue 4/2

Dear friends, There is news to share from the diocese today. Bishop Wright is one of four bishops nominated to be Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. The presiding bishop presides over meetings of the bishops, and participates in the ordination of new bishops....

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Holy Week

Dear friends, This evening begins what is called The Triduum, or the Three Days, the most holy time of the Christian year. Tonight we mark the last night of Jesus' earthly life, and remember his final command to his disciples -- to love one another. Tomorrow evening,...

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Rector’s Update: Mon 3/4

Dear friends, Last week was the first anniversary of Joe's death. It was a day I had dreaded for weeks, really since Joseph Henry and I got back from Italy in early January at about the same time that Joe went to the hospital last year. For the last two months I have...

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