At St. Dunstan’s we believe that part of a life of faith is sharing what we have, and working for justice for all God’s people.


Here are some of the programs with which we are involved.


Family Promise

St. Dunstan’s serves as one of 13 host congregations that provide shelter and meals for up to four homeless families for a week at a time, four times a year. Sunday School classrooms become home for the families while they are here. Parishioners provide meals, serve as evening hosts, and spend the night. We are assisted by parishioners from Holy Innocents and St. Anne’s Episcopal Churches. Family Promise is a national organization, providing networks of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim congregations around the country.

Thanks to all who helped this past session. Check back later for more volunteer opportunities.

Refugee Ministry

St. Dunstan’s is sponsoring a refugee family already in the U.S. by working with an agency, New American Pathways. We have met with the family to determine their needs and have begun working with them, primarily with English tutoring.

St. Dunstan’s Medical Fund, Tanzania

Every year during Lent we collect money to replenish the St. Dunstan’s Medical Fund at the Msalata Theological School in Tanzania (which is a companion diocese of the Diocese of Atlanta). The school uses the fund to provide mosquito nets, medicine, and eye glasses for members of the community, as well as to provide a part-time nurse. We have also helped the community in other ways, such as funding a new pump for their well, to ensure the availability of clean drinking water.

Path Academy School Supply Drive

Each summer we collect school supplies for the children of Path Academy, a charter middle school in DeKalb County. Path’s student body is largely made up of the children of immigrants and refugees. One hundred percent of their students are eligible for the federal lunch program. Many of their students go on to receive scholarships to some of the best private high schools in Atlanta.

We have collected school supplies and delivered them to PATH.
Check our our Facebook Album to see the supplies and pictures of the delivery.

Holy Comforter Church

Holy Comforter Church is a mission church in the Diocese of Atlanta with a ministry of serving people with physical and mental disabilities, many of whom live in group homes near the church. St Dunstan’s volunteers prepare and serve dinner to communicants on Wednesday evenings several times a year. We also have assisted in their arts and gardening programs and have purchased a van for the church.

Emmaus House

Emmaus House is an Episcopal settlement house in Peoplestown, the area around Turner Field, providing many services and programs for the people in that neighborhood. St. Dunstan’s provides financial support, participates in its Christmas programs, and provides volunteers for programs like the summer Freedom School.

Project Crane

In response to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, St. Dunstan’s parishioners made 1,000 origami cranes, a symbol of peace and good wishes, and sent them, along with a donation, to St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, which was badly damaged. We actually ended up making about 1,500 cranes. The “extras” now hang in our narthex as a reminder of our continued prayers for people in need around the world.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Alcoholics Anonymous uses the parish hall for meetings on Monday evenings.

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