"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, oh Lord."


Love Going Forth

The pattern is the same every year. We celebrate Easter and God’s victory over death in the resurrection of Jesus, the son of God. Then 50 days later we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples at Pentecost. And then the next Sunday, before we launch...

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A Roll of the Dice

It is one of the oddest stories in the New Testament. In the last six weeks or so the disciples, the followers of Jesus, have seen him be betrayed by one of them. They've seen Jesus arrested, tortured, and executed. They've seen their despair turn into joy at the...

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The Only Test

When I read today's gospel a man came to mind who I have not thought about in many years. Ernest was a fellow parishioner at St. Ann's in Nashville. He was a quiet, unobtrusive man, probably in his mid-80s. He had long been a member of that congregation and played an...

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Words of Comfort

Every year the fourth Sunday of the Easter season is known as Good Shepherd Sunday. It’s easy to see why. Three out of four of our scripture readings today have images of sheep and shepherds. The shepherd, or more accurately the good shepherd, is one of our most...

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Saved for Life

Sunday morning has a language all its own, full of words that we seldom, if ever, use other times of the week. Words like repentance, righteousness, grace, incarnation. Words that I suspect we  would be hard pressed to easily define. Sometimes the strange...

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For David Abner

Today's service is a little bit different from what we would normally do on the Second Sunday in Lent. As you know, this week our parishioner David Abner died after a stay in hospice. David's children preferred not to have a formal funeral for their father, but will...

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Divine Disarmament

The story of the rainbow is a curious reading for the first Sunday in Lent. We are at the beginning of the most somber season of the church year, a time set aside for reflection and repentance, for fasting and self-denial. We began the service today with the Great...

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A Lenten Prayer

Today is the last Sunday of the season of Epiphany, those weeks between Christmas and the beginning of Lent.   Epiphany ends every year with the reading we heard today, the story of the Transfiguration – the ultimate mountaintop experience where Jesus meets...

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