From Claudia Gimson, Parish Administrator:

Peace, Blessings and Good Health to you all for the coming year! 

The Reverend Dr. Deborah Silver and The Reverend Bill Deneke will be celebrating with us this Sunday, the first service for the new year. We will be having one service at 10 am.

We’re in the last days of the Christmas season and need to hold fast the spirit and message.

Our Christmas tree has been moved to the Beech Grove to enjoy for a bit longer and during coffee hour this Sunday, if you are so inclined, there will be a station to make peanut butter and birdseed pinecones to hang on the tree to feed our feathered friends that are flitting about as the weather chills.

Tricia will be returning next Sunday the 14th and we will be returning as well to our regular schedule with an 8:30 service, Sunday School at 9:30 and service at 10:45.

Stay Warm!

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