If you came here this morning expecting to hear some words of wisdom or comfort from me, I’m sorry. 

    I have no words. No words to ease the pain, no words of hope, no words of wisdom. 

    All I can offer are the two words from the gospel reading I chose for today. 

    Jesus wept.

    That is what we are called to do now. To weep, to lament, to mourn.

    For the children and their teachers slaughtered in Uvalde, Texas. For their families and friends.

    For the people murdered in the massacre in Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, New York. For their families and friends.

    For our nation, which once again shows that the worship of guns is more important than. the lives of its people.

    In the weeks ahead there are actions to be taken, protests to be made, elected officials to be voted out.

    But today we stop to weep. To lament. To mourn. To remember.

    One way we will do that is to pray the Litany in the Wake of a Mass Shooting. It’s long — seven pages long. It will be uncomfortable and upsetting. It should be.

    Jesus wept.

    And so do we.


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