From Bob Longino, Sr. Warden:

Dear friends,
   Hope you are ready for Holy Week. Looking forward to seeing you in church.

     Since the weather forecast for Sunday calls for wet and cold conditions, we will not have an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday.

     We’d love for you to be at every service, but please make a concerted effort to be at church on Good Friday when Bishop Wright will be with us to lead service.     The full schedule:
     — Maundy Thursday (April 6) — 7 p.m. service with the Rev. Maggie Harney.
     — Good Friday (April 7) — 7 p.m. service with the Right Rev. Rob Wright and Rev. Maggie Harney.
     — Easter Vigil (April 8) — 7 p.m. service with the Rev. Maggie Harney, followed by cake and champagne in the Parish Hall.
      — Easter (April 9) — One service at 10 a.m. with the Revs. Maggie Harney, Bill Deneke and Deborah Silver, followed by cake and coffee in the Parish Hall.

     There will be one service at 10 a.m. Sunday, April 16, that will include the annual parish meeting and the Eucharist. The meeting will include voting on four new vestry members. April 16 marks the official return of Tricia as celebrant and service leader.

     We are so grateful for the talented and dedicated priests who graciously served us during Tricia’s absence and Joe’s passing, including Revs. Deborah Silver, Bill Deneke, Kim Jackson, Maggie Harney and Colin Brown. We also deeply appreciate Bishop Wright for officiating Joe’s funeral and burial.
     We also thank parishioners Michele Smither, Elizabeth Wong Mark and Gwen McAlpine who this month complete three years of service on the vestry.
     Thanks go also to parishioners who voiced roles in Palm Sunday’s reading of The Passion, including Alexander Pierre, Bruce Lafitte, Susie Throop, Josh Taylor, Charis Bowling, Rhea Hannah, Susan Hauser, Andrea Patton-Weerakoon, Jessie Morris Leyden, Vivian Siggers, Elizabeth Wong Mark and Jonathan Throop.

From Claudia Gimson, Parish Administrator:
In addition to Bob’s message, our Stations of the Cross, created by our parishioner Tommy Hannah have been placed in the Sanctuary if you would like to come and take your own walk and meditate on it. There will be service pamphlets for it.

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