Dear friends,

I did something this week that might surprise you. I was a bit surprised myself. I wrote a thank you note to Liz Cheney. Even more surprising, it wasn’t my first thank you to a Republican office holder this year. Last month I wrote to thank our Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. I felt compelled to write both of these notes for the same reason — Rep. Cheney and Secretary Raffensperger have had the courage and integrity to stand up for the truth in the face of enormous pressure from the highest levels to do otherwise. They have both paid a pretty big price for doing so, including death threats, smears and insults from the former president and his followers, and potential challengers to their jobs. I am pretty sure I disagree with both of them on many issues, but I respect them for their integrity and courage at a time when many elected officials in their party have shown neither.

We had a very nice funeral for Betty Whittier today, with a good pandemic showing of her friends from St. Dunstan’s. I’ve attached my homily for those who knew Betty but couldn’t make it today.

I ask your prayers for Renee Kastanakis on the death of her father, Harry Kastanakis. And please keep Heather Robertson and Sandi Maloney in your prayers on the death of Mary Anne Dunn, Sandi’s mother and Heather’s grandmother.

Finally, the technical problems that derailed Compline last night have been figured out, thanks to my technical advisor Joseph Henry. So we will be back on track tonight at 8.

The first daffodils of the year at St. Dunstan’s, a sight that always makes my heart sing.

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