Dear friends,

With Covid numbers soaring and increases in cases in every state it was only a matter of time before the coronavirus hit home. And now it has. Cameron began feeling ill yesterday evening and got tested this morning. He is positive for Covid. He has a sore throat and is tired, but we all pray that he has a mild case. And I appreciate that he immediately let me know when he got the test results.

Here is what this all means for St. Dunstan’s:

CDC guidelines say when someone tests positive that contact tracing needs to go back to 48 hours before the person first showed symptoms or was tested. That would be Tuesday evening. So if you were at in-person worship on Sunday and were in contact with Cameron you don’t need to worry.

Claudia and I were with Cameron on Wednesday. We were distanced and wearing masks, but I got tested this afternoon and have encouraged Claudia to do so, too. I have called all the people I was in contact with yesterday and let them know. When I get test results back I will pass that info along.

We are officially shutting the building down again for the foreseeable future. That, of course, means NO IN-PERSON WORSHIP this Sunday, and most likely the next, too. We’ll be back to solely on line from St. Dunstan’s satellite chapel (our dining room). Because my technical advisor is still at college we don’t have the ability to insert pre-recorded videos into the live feed. That means we won’t have music at the Eucharist. But Cameron says if he feels up to it he will record pieces and put them directly on our Facebook page for you to enjoy. I’ll let you know.

That’s it for now. Please keep Cameron in your prayers, and please, please, please wear your mask!

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