Dear friends,

Every time I’ve seen a headline this week the news from Turkey and Syria has gotten worse. If you wonder how you can help the earthquake relief efforts there I suggest you consider donating to Episcopal Relief and Development, which is working with local agencies to provide supplies and relief to the people there. I have asked the vestry, which meets next week, to consider making a donation from St. Dunstan’s. Individual donations may be made here:

I know it has been a while since I’ve sent an update about Joe. Our lives these days are like the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray wakes up and lives the same day over and over and over again. Today is Day 31. In the last two days we have seen some good progress in lowering the amount of oxygen he is receiving. We still don’t know when he will be going to rehab, but hope it won’t be too much longer. We are both looking forward to a change of scenery and working towards getting home, and back to St. Dunstan’s. 

This Sunday the Rev. Kim Jackson will be with you. Kim is the priest at Church of the Common Ground. She is also a senator in the Georgia State Legislature, representing the Stone Mountain area. She was recently elected head of the DeKalb County legislative delegation. This is a very busy time of the year for her, and I am grateful that in the midst of the legislative session she is taking the time to come to St. Dunstan’s.

Once again, Joe, Joseph Henry, and I are all grateful for all the prayers, notes, messages, and support. There is still a long way to go. Your prayers sustain us.

With love,


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