Dear friends,

What a wonderful day we had yesterday at our first in-person worship service since March 15. It could not have been a more glorious day in the Beech Grove. It was so nice to see your masked faces, and to be able to put communion in your outstretched hands again. Many thanks to all who helped set up and take things down for the service. We will continue to hold outside services on Sunday mornings for as long as the weather and coronavirus numbers allow. That service will also be livestreamed on Facebook. 

Since the numbers of people attending is limited because of Covid protocols, we ask that you RSVP if you’d like to come on Sunday. Here is the link:

We are still collecting $25 gift cards to Kroger and gas stations for the families who are currently staying with Family Promise. You can mail them or bring them by the church by the end of the month. We also still need people to spend the night the week of November 1, our host week. To sign up for cards and spending the night go to:

Last weekend I finally had time to read Crooked Truth, the new novel by our parishioner Kristine Anderson. I bought the book and started to read it to support Kristine, but I devoured it in one day because it is an excellent book, full of characters who jump off the page. I highly recommend it to you. Kristine will be speaking to a virtual book club on Tuesday, October 27, at 6:45. People from St. Dunstan’s are invited to attend. Here is the link:

And finally, the service for this week’s Compline is attached. We passed the 150 service mark last week. Thank you to those who continue to participate. See you this evening at 8.

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