Dear friends,

As we begin the new Church year, I thought you would appreciate this article from The New York Times about churches stepping in to help with relieve medical debt that is crushing so many American households. We weren’t interviewed for this piece, but we certainly could have been. Thanks to Ginny Harris for bringing the article to my attention, and to all of you who helped with this vital ministry.

The narthex is starting to fill up with food donations for the Sandy Springs PopUp Food Pantry. Thanks to all who have brought food. The need is ongoing, so anytime you go to the grocery store please consider picking up a few items to help feed our neighbors.

Thanks also to all who have sent or brought by gift cards and balls and stuffed animals for Christmas at Emmaus House. They are requesting $25 gift cards from Target, Walmart or Visa. Please have them to the church by December 8 for delivery to Emmaus House.

Attached is the service for Compline for Advent. Hope to “see” you tonight at 8.

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