Dear friends,

Here we go again. Once more the news is full of dire predictions of a coming surge of Covid cases with the Omicron variant gaining strength, and the Delta variant still going strong. I know that we all (me included) have pandemic fatigue. But this is not the time to give in to that weariness. Breakthrough infections are increasingly common. Those cases may be relatively mild, but those who have had them will tell you that even a mild case is no fun. 

For now our Covid protocols remain the same. Masks are required in the building. I hope we will not have to go back to stricter protocols than that, but if it’s necessary we will. In the meantime get vaccinated, get boosted, wear your masks. 

Despite the Covid protocols I am still very excited to be back in person in the church for Christmas this year. It should be a glorious, joyful service. I look forward to seeing you there.

Here is our Christmas schedule:

  • Christmas Eve — 5 p.m. Festive Eucharist 
  • Christmas Day — 10 a.m. Simple Eucharist (no music)
  • December 26 — 10 a.m. Christmas Lessons & Carols with Eucharist

And remember that we will be doing compline this week through Thursday at 8 p.m. online. The service sheet is attached.

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