Dear friends,

First, thank you so much for the prayers, food, and love with which you are surrounding us. I have some good news. Joe is supposed to be released from the hospital later today. I don’t have any information yet about what he can and can’t do with a neck brace on, what we need to be careful of, etc. But I know that we will be able to handle whatever it is.

What this does mean is that I am going to be working from home most of the time now. Since we’re live streaming worship from our dining room, and since most pastoral care now is necessarily by phone and email, that won’t change much. But I am, for now, dropping the zoom chat groups. I hate to do that because I always look forward to “seeing” and talking to you, but for now those need to go on hold.

Those of you who have been at St. Dunstan’s for a while will remember Jane Butler, who was organist and choir director for many years. Jane found and arranged to purchase our organ, so we are all indebted to her. She and her husband David moved to Hattiesburg, MS in early 2005. I had a note from her this weekend that David died in February. If you would like to send her a note I’m sure she would be happy to hear from you.

Finally, I have attached the service sheet for this week’s nightly worship. I do so with the caveat that I don’t know when I will be getting Joe from the hospital. I expect that we’ll be home by 8 p.m., but if you tune in and nothing happens know that I am in the process of getting him. Also, Joseph Henry is taking a much-needed break this week and is at the lake with a friend and family for a few days. He taught me how to do the livestream, but know that any technical glitches are entirely mine, not his.

Hope to see you this evening at 8.

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