Dear friends,

Once again your kindness and generosity are amazing. I asked earlier this week if anyone could take care of Bob Wolfson’s dog Teddy while he was recovering from surgery, and I got an instant reply yes. In fact, several of you offered to help. Elizabeth Colt was the first to respond and Teddy is now at her house. It’s nice to know she also has some backup help if needed. Thank you all!

Bob is really in a rough spot. The surgery was grueling, and it unexpectedly affected his ability to swallow, which means he will have a feeding tube for an indefinite period. The pandemic, of course, makes everything more difficult. Bob can’t drive as long as he’s wearing a cervical collar, so he is basically stuck at home alone except for trips to the doctor. I know he would love to hear from you. And if anyone is willing to go to his house in Smyrna and maybe go for a walk with him, that would probably be the best medicine of all. Please keep him in your prayers.

I have another example of your generosity in difficult times. As you know we are supporting two food pantries in Sandy Springs that began last March when the pandemic hit. Most of our food donations go to the smaller of the two pantries at the northern end of Sandy Springs, but we have financially supported both of them. The larger pantry, which is now located in the former Publix site in the Prado has evolved into quite a large operation, offering services beyond food. They are currently trying to raise $25,000 to buy a box truck that will enable them to pick up large donations of food from the Atlanta Food Bank and other organizations. The vestry voted unanimously this week to give $5,000 toward that effort. This is from money you have given to support the pantries. We also do supplemental shopping with the money you give. Thank you!

Forward Day by Day is a pamphlet of short daily readings and reflections based on scripture. We just received the booklets for February-April. If you’d like one let us know and we will get it in the mail to you.

Finally, the service bulletin for tomorrow is attached. It will include prayers for the nation after the horrific events of this week. We also will be livestreaming from the church for the first time in a while. Join us at 10 a.m.

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