Dear friends,

When I go to cast my ballot in the next few days I will do something I have never done before — vote for a Republican in a contested race. It’s not just any Republican, it’s St. Dunstan’s own Lee Morris, who is running for a third term representing District 3 on the Fulton County Commission. 

In his first two terms, Lee did not have a Democratic opponent. This time he does. And the actions of that opponent are what has prompted me to write this email. Several of you in Lee’s district received a mailing in the last few days with pictures of Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, and Lee, asking what the three have in common. The answer, according to this mailing, is “They all believe the 2020 election was stolen.”

That is a blatant lie, a desperate move designed to turn Democrats against a moderate Republican. Lee has never believed that the election was stolen. Never.

It is no secret that I vote Democratic. But I also believe that for our country to be at its best we need two healthy political parties that may offer different solutions to the issues before us, but that both deal in truth, facts, and respect. We don’t have that now. If we are ever to have it again we need people of good faith on both sides. For those of us who care about the truth, it is important to call out the lies no matter who is spreading them.

Lee and I can joke about our political differences. I even drink out of a Republican mug at his house. I am voting for him not because of his political party, but because I know him to be an honest man of integrity who has the best interest of his constituents at heart — no matter what party they are in. He votes for what is best for the community, even if that means being the only Republican voting with the commission’s Democrats on many issues. Lee runs for office not because he wants power, but because he wants to serve to better the community. I am proud to support him.

A few other reminders:

We have committed to supplying 50 bags of ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner side dishes for the community served by Emmaus House.  We still need 16 more bags, and people to help deliver them. You can sign up at the link below, which gives the details of what should be in each bag. Please bring your filled bags to church by November 13.

And if you have not received your pledge card in the mail please let us know. We ask that they be returned by November 20.

The service sheet for tomorrow’s worship is attached. See you in the morning.

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