Dear friends,

I’ve heard from several of you this week that you have once again gotten scam emails, supposedly from me. We are not alone in this. Churches everywhere are targeted for this type of scam. If you look closely you will see that the scammers’ email address is similar to, but not the same, as mine. The language is not mine. The signoff is not mine. And it will ask you to do things I do not ask you to do, like send me I-Tunes gift cards. If you have any doubt about an email please ask me before responding to it.

And now, having said that, I’m asking you for gift cards! Seriously. We are scheduled to be the hosts for Family Promise from August 9-16. Can you imagine being homeless during this pandemic? Fortunately, St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, a large church in Dunwoody, has graciously let the families stay there since the pandemic began in March. They have their own area of the church, which includes access to a kitchen, that serves as their home. No one else goes into that area. 

All of this means that our hosting duties are a bit different this time. We DO need overnight volunteers.The overnight volunteers do not have contact with the families unless there is an emergency. They sleep in a room away from the families. We DO NOT need people to set up and take down the rooms, or to provide and serve dinner. The families are cooking for themselves.

Here’s what we do need (in addition to overnight volunteers):
$25 gift cards to Kroger and gas stations.
Cleaning supplies
Snacks and water

You can sign up for these things by going to our website,, and clicking on the SignUp Genius button at the bottom of the page.

We’re asking that the gift cards and other supplies be brought to the church the week of August 2. If there is no one at the church please take things to the back deck by my office (go up the steps in the Beech Grove, turn left, her office is the last one. Please put any gift cards through the flap of Dunstan’s cat door, which opens into my office. Supplies can be left on the deck, or in front of the church. If you leave them in front of the church make sure they are marked for Family Promise, or they will end up going to the food pantry.
There are currently three families — three adults and five children. Thank you for helping them through this difficult time.

And attached is the service bulletin for tomorrow’s Eucharist.

“See” you in the morning.

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