Dear friends,

Attached is the service sheet for tomorrow. Remember that if you cannot make it to in-person worship you can watch online. And please remember that we are once again requiring masks for everyone. 

After church tomorrow I will begin vacation. I’ve got four great priests lined up to substitute while I’m away — Deborah Silver, Maggie Harney, Claiborne Jones, and Bill Deneke. You will be in good hands.

I will be back in the office the day after Labor Day. Usually the next Sunday is the beginning of the new program year. Right now the plans are to go back to two services beginning September 12 (8:30 and 10:45) and to have adult Sunday School at 9:30. There will not be children’s Sunday School, but there is child care available at that time.
I said “right now the plans are” because as we’ve all learned in the past year, plans are subject to change. Covid cases in Georgia are rising exponentially and it’s hard to say what the situation will be a month from now. It could easily be that we keep things as they are now. We’ll decide that first week of September.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

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