Dear friends,

Once again it is time for us to host Family Promise, a program that serves those without homes. As with almost everything else, the pandemic has changed the way we participate in this program. St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Dunwoody has graciously allowed the families served by this program to stay in their building since March. The families do their own cooking to minimize contact with other people. The “host” congregations have three responsibilities:

  • 1. Provide $25 gift cards to Krogers and for gas
  • 2. Provide cleaning supplies (as outlined on the sign up list)
  • 3. Provide overnight volunteers, who are separated from the families unless there is an emergency.

Our hosting duties begin November 1. You can sign up to donate or help at the link below or by going to our website ( and clicking on the SignUp Genius button.

As difficult as the pandemic has been for us, it is exponentially more difficult for those who do not have shelter. Amazingly, two families have graduated from the program since we last hosted in August. We expect two new families to be accepted by the time we host, bringing the total to three.

You may mail in gift cards (as long as they’re here by the last week of October) or drop them off at the church. If no one is at the church, please bring cards around to the deck in back and slip them through Dunstan’s cat door into my office, You can also leave cleaning supplies by my office door onto the porch, so that they don’t get mixed up with donations for the Food Pantry.

As always, thank you for your generosity and willingness to help our neighbors in need.

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