Dear friends,

Since within the last week there have been six or seven cases of Covid (that we know of) in the congregation, and there is also the flu and other nasty stuff going around we have decided to cancel the Christmas potluck on Sunday. We will still have one service at 10 a.m. And I encourage people to break out your masks again.

I am feeling much better today. According to the CDC guidelines I should be able to go out, wearing a mask, beginning Saturday. I plan to be there Sunday. I have asked Deborah Silver to be with us and officiate and distribute communion. (Maggie is also sick.) 

A couple of reminders:

Sunday is the last day to bring coffee, sugar, and hot chocolate mix for Church of the Common Ground.

Sunday is also the last day to submit donations for Christmas flowers and music in honor or memory of someone.

I hope you all stay well!

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