Dear friends,

In the spring of 2020, as normal life was coming to a halt because of the pandemic, St. Dunstan’s did an amazing thing. We raised $55,000 to help people in our community who had crippling medical debt. Through the organization RIP Medical Debt, the money we raised actually relieved $6.1 million of debt. In late summer and fall 2020, families received a letter from RIP telling them that their debt had been paid by St. Dunstan’s. I’ve wondered at times what the reaction was for those who received the letters. This week I got an email from RIP with an attachment, a copy of a letter from someone we helped. It made my day. It is attached to this post. I hope it makes yours, too.

Mimi Gold, one of our Family Promise coordinators, brings this news about the latest Family Promise event:
Family Promise’ newest event, “Night Without A Bed,” is coming on June 26th. It’s the night we ask our Family Promise supporters to consider spending the night without their beds. Folks can sleep wherever they want, just not in a bed! It’s purpose is to raise awareness of homelessness. It is hoped that some groups will want to gather donations to support their “sleepers” to raise money for this project. You can register now.

There is also more information on the Family Promise website:

I remind you that the funeral for Mary Kathryn Wolfson will be Saturday at 11 a.m. The recent lifting of most of the Covid protocols means that everyone is welcome to attend.

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