Dear friends,

I have a few assorted things to share with you.

Those of you who come to coffee hour know that we have a fabulous and complex coffee/cappuccino machine that is a gift from Tommy Hansen. During the early days of the pandemic he worked to have a water line straight into the machine. It is very sad that Tommy did not live long enough to see people enjoying the new, improved coffee. The machine is pretty intimidating. Tommy and Mary Jane’s nephew will be here Sunday at coffee hour to show people how to use the machine. If you’re interested please come learn.

Another learning opportunity is with our new video system for live-streaming services. Joseph Henry has been our go-to person for that, but we need others to learn how to use it. Thanks to Ralph Paulk, who after a lesson and Sunday “apprenticeship” with Joseph Henry, is going to be in charge this week. If anyone is interested in learning please let me know and I’ll have Joseph Henry contact you to set up a training time.

Finally, my friend Buddy Crawford, the interim rector of St. Anne’s, asked if I would share this with you to see if any St. Dunstan’s knitters are interested in helping St. Anne’s people with this project.

Squares of Love

Please join our church-wide knitting project through the Prayer Shawl Ministry to knit and crochet colorful squares which will then be assembled into throws as Christmas presents for the folks at Holy Comforter Church. Squares should be approximately 10” by 10”. Sizes don’t have to be exact, just come as close as you can. Worsted weight yarn is best, but you can double finer weight yarns also. Yarns need to be washable and you can use any color or combination of colors and any pattern stitch. Be creative and use up all of your leftover yarns. Best needle sizes for knitting these squares are 7, 8, 9, and 10.

If you’re interested let me know, and I will pass that on to Buddy.

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