Dear friends,

Just a reminder that we are collecting letters and cards to thank hospital workers. Tomorrow and Thursday we will have a basket by the main door that you can put your offerings in. They do not need to be in envelopes. Kristine Anderson will pick them up on Thursday afternoon and see that they are delivered. There will also be a basket with Forward Day by Day pamphlets of devotionals. Feel free to pick one up (unless you requested one by mail. Those were mailed out today).

And if you see my car let me know you’re there, and I’ll come out and have a socially distanced talk. It would be great to see you.

In case you are wondering what the governor’s announcement yesterday means for us the answer is nothing. We will continue to follow the advice of reputable medical experts, which is to continue to do what we are doing to care for ourselves and one another. I urge you all to resist the temptation to run out for a tattoo on Friday. Or perhaps the real temptation to go get your hair cut. Wear those roots and shaggy locks as a sign that you care.

I will be in a Zoom meeting with the bishop tomorrow morning and if there is any news about changes in our worship I will let you know. But I expect it will be the end of May at the earliest before we are back. In the meantime, I’ll see you at 8 each evening for Compline.

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