Dear friends,

This may be a first. I’m recommending a piece that recently ran on (the national) Fox News. It is about my friend and fellow Episcopal priest, Kim Jackson, who has preached at St. Dunstan’s many times. Kim is now the vicar of the Church of the Common Ground and a senator in the Georgia Legislature. This story was part of Fox News’ coverage of Pride Month. Bishop Wright is also interviewed in the story, and he chose to do that interview at St. Dunstan’s, so you will see both the sanctuary and a very brief shot in my office. Here is the link:

Next Thursday, July 1, is parishioner Helen Bealer’s 99th birthday. Helen has not been able to come to church much in recent years, but she is a longtime member, known as a card shark in the bridge group, and a faithful member of the choir. Until not so long ago she sang a solo “Were You There” every year on Good Friday. I know she would love to hear from her church family for her birthday. She still lives at home.

I am taking some time off the rest of this week and Sunday. Deborah Silver will be here with you. I’ll be back in the office next week.

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