Dear friends,

Today we begin the holy season of Lent, those 40 days of reflection and preparation for Easter. You should have received an abbreviated Ash Wednesday at Home service along with the pre-blessed ashes. But we will also be streaming the full Ash Wednesday service this evening at 8. I hope you can join us.

Yesterday I told you about several online Lenten resources. Today I have one more to add. Every Wednesday during Lent, Bishop Wright will be offering a short reflection video. The first one is today. You might recognize his surroundings. St. Dunstan’s has become his favorite place to do videos. Here is the link:

Last week I told you that Jessy Hamilton is stepping down from his role as our social media director. Jessy did a great job increasing our online presence with good, informative content. I’m happy to announce today that Katie Turner has volunteered to be our new social media director. Thank you Jessy for a job well done, and thank you Katie for taking us into the future.

One of the few benefits of this year of pandemic is that our online services have extended our reach far beyond our own congregation. Today I received this email:

“I’m a Canadian living in Germany and happy to say that the extended lock down and considerable drop in workload has nevertheless managed to give me more time for prayer, scripture, and online resources allowing me to become a global Anglican! I want to thank you for your sermons and what they add to my life. I don’t think I will ever tire of the miracle of the internet, that let a person stuck at home in the middle of Europe to avail themselves of warm and accessible fellowship from Georgia. Many blessings (and good health) to you and St. Dunstan’s.”

Hope to see you for the Ash Wednesday service tonight.


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