Dear friends,

This morning in our monthly clergy Zoom call with the bishop we received some encouraging news. Numbers of covid cases and related deaths are declining, and more people are getting the vaccines (although Georgia is near the bottom of the list there). That is coupled with the encouraging news from President Biden that he expects all adults who wish to be vaccinated (and I hope that includes all of you) will be able to do so by the end of May. The bottom line is that we’re not back to normal yet, but normal is at least on the horizon. But if we want these trends to continue then this is not the time to ease up or relax the Covid protocols. We all still need to be wearing masks and avoiding crowds. But there is light in our almost year-long stretch of darkness.

As the situation improves we will be adapting liturgically. We don’t have protocols for inside services yet, but outside services can now have up to 75 people in attendance. The weather and rising case numbers sent us back to streaming the Sunday service around Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping we can have Easter in the Beech Grove, and then continue with outdoor services, which will also be live streamed.

I’ve told you about Lent Madness, a take off on college basketball’s March Madness. In the Lenten game the brackets are filled with saints, and each day features a match up between two of the holy people. Today’s bracket pits our own St. Dunstan vs Maryan of Qidea. Never heard of her? Neither had I, but you can read both their stories at the link below and cast your vote for Dunstan. Let’s get him through the first round and into the Saintly Sixteen!

Every Wednesday during Lent Bishop Wright is releasing a video that offers 5 minute reflections on theological questions. I neglected to send it out last week, but the link below will take you to both of them. The first week’s question was “how do I move closer to God?” Today’s is “What do I do when God is silent?”If you would like to explore these questions with other parishioners I invite you to participate in Zoom call next Monday afternoon at 3. I will send out a link later. The only preparation required is to watch the video.

Finally, I have some good news to share about one of our parishioners, James Robertson. James is a junior at Middle Georgia College in Milledgeville, where he has just been elected president of the Student Government Association. Congratulations, James!!!


See you tonight at Compline. I may or may not have a feline liturgical assistant. Those of you who watched last night know just how helpful the Maniac was.

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