Dear friends,

I’ve been trying to think of ways that we can come together, to see and talk with one another. Some churches are having “virtual” coffee hours on Zoom, with reportedly mixed results. My own limited experience with Zoom is that the more people involved the more chaotic it becomes. But I have an idea that might work. I’d love to Zoom with small groups — six to eight people — to catch up with and encourage one another. We could meet for an hour in late afternoon (my evenings are already full with Compline). I know not everyone has used Zoom, but if you have a computer, laptop, or another device and internet access it is relatively easy to use. You can download it for free.

If you’re interested let me know, and I will put the groups together. 

You don’t have to be a current member of St. Dunstan’s to participate in these groups. We’ve got former members from around the country on our mailing list, as well as people who have found us online but never been with us in person. As we like to say: All are welcome!

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