Dear friends,

Those of you who were here last Sunday know that we had a guest walking around with cameras at both services. That was Easton Davis, the communications guru for the diocese. One of the things he is offering is to make a three-minute video about a parish that can be used on their website. He hopes to have the one for us completed soon. Today he sent me a link to some of the still shots that he took. Here is the link to see them:

Here are a few other things coming up:

The Altar Guild’s ranks are getting thin and they would love to have some new people join them in helping prepare the altar for the services each week. There will be a meeting after church on October 1. If you are interested in learning more you can go to the meeting or contact Cathy Leake.

Confirmation classes will also begin October 1 after church. If you are interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church you are invited to attend. Bishop Wright will be with us on December 17. 

Finally, I will be away this Sunday. I’m leaving tomorrow to go to Seattle to do a funeral for a cousin who died of Covid. There will be no Sunday School this week, but we will resume on October 1.  Deborah Silver and Bill Deneke will be with you Sunday.

With love,


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