The Creation Tree group has plans for fun at coffee hour on October 27. “What does a Christmas tree really need?” we asked ourselves. And the answer came, “Why, bright, sparkly things, of course!” Soooo, we’ll be making some of those things October 27. Michele Smither will be making leaves turn to gold, and Daria Jones will be creating icicles from curly sticks, Both are easy to do, so plan to stay for coffee hour and try your hand at one or both. If you know how to make other things to go on the Creation Tree and you’d like to share your idea with the rest of us, bring it along! Almost anything goes, but if you are in doubt, call one of the Creation Group — Ginny Harris, Lucy Kaltenbach, Cathy Leake, Michele Smither, or Priscilla Davis. See you on the 27th! — Priscilla Davis, convener.

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