Dear friends,

It’s not on any church calendar and we never know exactly when it will happen, but it’s one of my favorite Sundays of the year — and this Sunday is it. I’m talking about the Sunday when the window above the altar is a brilliant red, thanks to the beautiful trees behind it. It’s a Sunday when I give thanks for landscape architect Roy Reece and architect Fred Branch, founding members of the church, and their brilliance in designing a church that honors and incorporates the beauty of our land. I’ve never been able to do justice to that window with my camera, but today I took a few pictures inside and out with my iphone to give you a sense of what awaits you on Sunday.

It is prettier than this!

The sunlight coming through the leaves is reflected on the floor.

The sunlight through the leaves hits the brick wall (to the left as you enter the church) and turns it pink.


Come Sunday and see this beauty for yourself!

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