Dear friends,

The CDC’s announcement yesterday that it is safe for fully vaccinated people to go most places indoors or outside without masks was good news, indeed. It is another sign that the long season of Coronatide may finally be nearing the end. What does this mean for our in-person worship services? The immediate answer is that this Sunday most of our Covid protocols will remain — masks are required, no singing or passing of the peace, reservations and assigned seating required, and no child care are all still in place.  

Late this afternoon Bishop Wright issued some revisions to the protocols, but we need time to study them and figure out what works best for us before we make any further changes. One positive change we can make is at communion. Starting Sunday the congregation can come forward around the altar rail (with masks) to receive the bread (still no wine), and the awkward Eucharistic pincers can be retired.

The rest of the revisions are a little more complicated. That’s because we may have people of varying vaccination statuses present on any given Sunday. A fully vaccinated congregation can return to something that looks almost like normal. But in Georgia, only 28 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. If you or your family members over the age of 12 have not been vaccinated, please do so — both for your own health and for the safety of those around you. 

Here is the SignUp for Sunday’s service. If you are planning to come please RSVP by noon Saturday.

And finally, the service bulletin for Sunday is attached. Hope to see you then, either online or in person.

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