Dear friends,

As you prepare for the Fourth of July weekend I have a few things to share.

First, Cathy Leake is having knee surgery next week and she and Charlie could use a few meals while she recovers. You may remember she feel and broke her knee earlier this year and had surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery did not hold .. and she must have it again. Please keep her in your prayers. Here is the link to the meal schedule. The password is Leake, They live in

Second, our Black Lives Matter bumper magnets are in. Thanks to Wayne Hood for the design and to Michele Smither for getting them made. They are $2 each. Let me know how many you would like. Michele will be organizing them next week for you to either pick up from the church or have mailed to you.

Third, many thanks to Elise MacIntyre, who every week delivers the food you drop off at church to the food pantry in Sandy Springs. Last week that included 215 pounds of rice, in addition to many other bags of groceries. People at the pantry were delighted. Remember that you can drop off groceries in the bins by the front door of the church. 
And finally, here is a  link to an op-ed in The New York Times that I found very moving and powerful. It sheds a new light on the debate about Confederate monuments. I commend it to you.

See you tonight for Compline at 8.


Elise arrives at the food pantry.

The new bumper magnet on my car.

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