Dear friends,

What a glorious day we had yesterday. In the service we celebrated the coming of the Spirt with Pentecost, also known as the birthday of the Church. The service was made more joyful with the baptism of Merritt Bradley, granddaughter of Tom & Maggie. The colorful decorations added to the festiveness of the occasion.

And then the celebration continued in the parish hall as we marked the 60th birthday of our church with a lavish birthday lunch and a beautiful cake made by Katharina McCawley. After eating we heard memories from Bill Reece, who has been at St. Dunstan’s since the beginning, first coming with his parents Ann and Roy, who were founding members. There were lots of memories shared of the hard times and the joyful ones.

It took a lot of people to put this together. A huge thank you to our wardens, Susie Throop and Andrea Patten-Weerakoon, who spearheaded the event. Thanks to Anil Weerakoon for the fabulous slide show. Thanks to Joseph Henry Monti for hanging the banners in the church. And thanks to all who helped set things up — Jon Throop, Elizabeth Wong Mark, Cathleen Hackett and her sister Beth, Kate Gaul, Marshall Kress, and Michele Smither. Finally, thanks to all who came and made the day so special.

With love,


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