Dear friends,

Those of you who have been watching the service online know that the reception has not been good. It “hiccups” in and out, which makes for very frustrating worship. This week I called in a professional, who discovered two things — there is very little wifi in the church and even next to the router the signal is much weaker than it should be. For the second issue we are calling Comcast. For the first, the computer guy is going to set up different hubs in the hall, the church, and the parish hall that will greatly improve the reception. (Please don’t ask me to explain!)

Since that will not happen until sometime next week for tomorrow we are going back to live-streaming from my cell phone, which can use the cellular data instead of wifi. I hope that will make for less frustration for our online viewers.

We also could use a couple of more people to be trained in how to use the new livestream equipment. You do not have to be a photographer. The camera mounted above the door has several preset shots and is controlled by a remote. If you’re interested please let me know.

The service sheet for tomorrow is attached.

See you then.

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