Dear friends,

On this 26th day of this miserable Covid journey we were given the most wonderful gift during worship. The lighting of the candles and Deborah and Bill’s prayers for us touched all three of us deeply. I admit that we are having trouble at times keeping our spirits up, but I reminded Joe today that although day to day the progress seems negligible, he has improved since the ambulance came for him on January 11. He is no longer in ICU; the big, loud swooshing oxygen machine has been replaced by a smaller, quieter one; and he is no longer in Covid isolation, meaning he is no longer contagious. Now the goal is to decrease the amount of oxygen he needs to a level that will allow him to go to rehab. We don’t know how much longer that will take. We pray it will be days, not weeks. A move to rehab will be a much appreciated change of scenery, but we know it will also be a long, hard road because he is so weak.

Sitting in the dining room watching the service this morning was a reminder of how much I miss all of you. I still don’t know when I will be back. Kim Jackson, the vicar of Church of the Common Ground and a state senator, will be with you next Sunday, and Maggie will be there on the 19th. I hope Joe is in rehab well before then, but Bob and I felt like we needed to plan ahead a little. You will continue to be in good hands.

Again, there are no words for how much your prayers, cards, and messages mean to us. I look forward to the day we can tell you that in person.

With love,


Attached is a clip from the Candlemas prayers this morning.

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