Dear friends,

Abundance. Gratitude. Kindness.

These words hang on a banner in the Pop Up Food Pantry. Today I had the privilege of delivering $2,500 checks from St. Dunstan’s to both of the sister Sandy Springs pantries, started by moms worried that families from their children’s schools would go hungry during the pandemic. I left both pantries in tears, overwhelmed by the good work being done by people of all faiths loving and serving their neighbors. 

St. Dunstan’s is very much a part of that work. Earlier this week Elise MacIntyre filled the trunk and backseat of her car with food and other non perishable items you have brought to the church, and delivered it to the northern pantry, located in the Samad Grill on Roswell Road. We hope to make a delivery every week through the summer. The pantry at Samad serves 100 families a day. The southern pantry, which will move to a new location next month, serves 200 families a day.

When I arrived at church and got the mail I found myself in tears again. There were three envelopes of financial donation for the pantries. And the bins in front of the church were overflowing with food. Because of your generosity our food and financial support of the pantries will continue.

These are difficult days for so many people in our community. But today I was reminded that abundance, gratitude, and kindness also abound.

Abundance. Gratitude. Kindness.

Lesley Samad (left) and Jennifer Lott and the check from St. Dunstan’s.

Reese and her mom, Jackie, brought food for the pantries this afternoon.

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