Dear friends,

I have been sitting in the back of the church this afternoon listening as Kerren Berz and Cameron rehearsed and videoed the music for Sunday. What a treat it will be. I’ve attached a snippet of the prelude with Kerren on the violin and Cameron on the harpsichord. Between the beautiful music and Diana Butler Bass’ preaching it should be a special Sunday.

I ask your continued prayers for Deb Dee, who works for the U.S. Public Health Service. She was deployed to California for several weeks, was home for a few days, and now has been deployed to Texas to an area where there is an outbreak of Covid 19. May God be with her and protect her as she does this important ministry.
I talked to Bob Wolfson today, and he asked me to let everyone know how much they appreciate the prayers, messages, cards, and food they are receiving. When I set up the food schedule for them last week I mentioned that they liked Chinese food. They do, but they are now, as Bob said, “Chinese-ed out.” So for at least a while consider some other dishes for them.

As Cameron and I have been discussing music for the coming weeks he had an idea. He’d like for you to send him any requests for hymns or special pieces of music for preludes and postludes. Send your suggestions to him.

See you for prayers this evening at 8.

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