Dear friends,

Tonight is Joe’s seventh night in ICU. It has been a long week, and there is a long road to recovery ahead of us. Joe will be in ICU for a while longer, then will move to the pulmonary floor, where he will also be for a while. Then he likely will go to rehab. We are talking weeks, not days. It is discouraging, but the doctor says she expects him to have a full recovery. It will just take a while to get there, and that’s okay.

I am thankful to Maggie for celebrating at the early service last Sunday, and for officiating at Betty Loud’s funeral on Thursday. And I thank Deborah and Bill for preaching and celebrating last Sunday. They will also be with you this Sunday. My hope is that I will be back on Sundays after that, but we’ll see week to week how that goes.

Joe and I are both grateful for all the notes, calls, emails, and texts. We feel your support and love and it makes a difference. I may not respond to every message, but I read them all and they sustain us. So many of you have asked what you can do to help. The answer is there is really not anything now (except, of course, for prayer). Joe cannot have visitors except for me. I’m spending most of the day at the hospital, then coming home to tend to the feline flock. When Joe gets out of the hospital we may call on you for more.

With love,


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