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There is news to share from the diocese today. Bishop Wright is one of four bishops nominated to be Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. The presiding bishop presides over meetings of the bishops, and participates in the ordination of new bishops. But the job is much more than that. He or she is the symbolic head of the church. The job entails a lot of traveling, visiting every one of the Church’s dioceses, representing the Church in meetings of the heads of all Anglican bishops, and being the national voice and face of the church.

The presiding bishop is elected during General Convention, which occurs every three years. This year it is in late June in Louisville. The convention is set up much like our government. There are two houses, the House of Bishops, which includes all bishops of the church; and the House of Deputies, which includes lay and clergy members from each diocese (who are elected at the annual diocesan council). 

The presiding bishop is elected by the House of Bishops, but that election must be approved by the House of Deputies. It is a nine-year term. Nine years ago I was part of Atlanta’s delegation to the convention, so was present when Michael Curry was elected. It was an exciting, and historic, moment. Bishop Curry was the first Black Presiding Bishop in the church’s history. His predecessor, Katherine Jefferts Schori, was the first woman.

I think Bishop Wright would be an excellent Presiding Bishop, but I would hate to lose him as our bishop. It will be interesting to see what happens in June. His statement, with a link to a story about all the candidates is below. Please keep Rob in your prayers in the coming weeks.

I also want to thank everyone who was involved in all the services of Holy Week and Easter. They were all beautiful, powerful liturgies. Thanks to Cameron and the choirs for the exquisite music. Thanks to the flower guild for the beautiful arrangements, not just in the church, but scattered through the building. Thanks to the altar guild for polishing silver, ironing linens, and setting up for five very different services. Thanks to Claudia for producing many service bulletins, and to Rhea for help in assembling them all. Thanks to the grounds crew for making sure the beauty of our setting was at its best. And thanks to Maggie for helping with the preaching and officiating at all the services. It does take a village, and we have a great one.

I have a few other announcements, and dates for your calendar. This Sunday we will begin a new adult series, What Makes You Come Alive, based on the writings of Howard Thurman, a godfather of the Civil Rights Movement and a spiritual advisor to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday, April 14, we will have ONE SERVICE at 10 a.m., which will include our annual parish meeting. Come to participate in affirming new members of the vestry, to hear about the past year in the life of St. Dunstan’s and look toward the coming year. It’s also your chance to ask any questions about the life of the church. Please come and be part of the community.

Sunday, May 19, is important for two reasons. It is both Pentecost Sunday and St. Dunstan’s Day. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of our church, and we will celebrate that on this day. We’ll have one service at 10, followed by a luncheon. More details will come, but please mark the date on your calendar now. You don’t want to miss the celebration.

It looks like it is going to be an eventful spring.

With love,


                                                    Bishop Wright’s Statement

Hello everyone and Happy Easter! Jesus Christ is Risen! Today, the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church has released its slate of nominees and I and three other of my Bishop colleagues have been named.

This news is an incredible affirmation of our work together in Middle and North Georgia and an honor for me personally. This nomination means that people have seen our work and believe that we have something to offer the wider church. So well done to the clergy, laity and, young people of The Diocese of Atlanta. And well done to the entire Bishop’s Staff.

What happens next is that we continue to listen to the Spirit as we make our way to The General Convention of the church in Louisville Kentucky this summer. There on the morning of June 26th the House of Bishops will gather for worship and prayer and proceed to elect our 28th Presiding Bishop. Later that day the House of Deputies will confirm the election.

I’m asking you to think of this election process not in terms of winning and losing, there’s enough of that in the world, but rather in terms of discernment. What I and my fellow finalists want above all else is for God’s will to be revealed and God’s will to be done in this process. When God’s will is done, we find ourselves exactly where we are best suited to bring our gifts to bear and bless the world.

So let us continue praying for The Episcopal Church, for all of her bishops, clergy and lay people. And with prayers especially for all of those nominated, their families, and the diocese they presently serve as we complete this discernment road in June. God is good, our work continues, we press on.

God bless you!

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