Dear friends,

A big surprise awaited me when I pulled into the church this morning. Sometime during the night a huge tree fell, blocking the entire parking lot. It was on the Memorial Garden side of the lot, right where the railing ends. It is a really big tree, as the pictures below show. If we had to have a tree fall it could not have been more perfectly placed than this one. It caused no apparent damage to any of the property. I’ve walked around the building and everything else looks fine. We are fortunate.

This Sunday we will be recognizing our graduating high school seniors, Alexander Changus and Sean Robertson. Here is the link to sign up for the service. Please remember that masks are required and that there is assigned seating to allow us to be properly distanced.

And finally, I want to share this link to a New York Times article about artist Frank Bowling, the brother-in-law of Charis Bowling. If you have not heard of him and his remarkable paintings, read the article and google him. You will be impressed.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

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