Dear friends,

I know I’ve said this many times in the past few months, but I continue to be amazed at your generosity. I’ve attached two pictures that are testaments to it.

The stack under the owl photo is what has been collected for Family Promise to use next week. What isn’t pictured is a large manilla envelope stuffed full of $25 gift cards to Kroger and gas stations, so that the families can shop and cook for themselves, and go where they need to go. Mimi Gold will deliver all of this bounty to the Family Promise offices on Friday.
The picture with the red wagon is what has been collected this week for the food pantry. Elise MacIntyre will deliver it to the pantry tomorrow morning, And tomorrow afternoon we’ll begin collecting again for next week.

Our neighbors, at least some of them, will go to bed with a roof over their heads and full stomachs because of your continued generosity. These two pictures are the gospel in action.

We still have copies of the Forward Day by Day, a booklet of daily scripture-based meditations and reflections available. If you would like one email Claudia at, and she will put one in the mail for you. And we still have a few Black Lives Matter bumper magnets for your car or refrigerator. Let me know if you’d like some for yourself or friends and we’ll get those to you, too.

Finally, I have news to share with you. As you may know, the Diocese of Atlanta covers the geographical area of Georgia from Macon and north. That area is divided into 11 different regions known as convocations. The bishop appoints a priest from each convocation to serve as dean. Bishop Wright officially announced today that I am the new dean of the North Atlanta Convocation, a position previously held by my friend Licia Affer, the rector of St. Anne’s, who has moved to a new job in Miami. Our convocation includes St. Dunstan’s, St. Anne’s, St. Martin’s Holy Innocents, Church of the Holy Comforter, and Emmaus House.

The deans meet regularly with the bishop, and serve as liaisons between the bishop and other clergy, We also convene regular gatherings of the clergy in our convocations. Of course, for now all of that is taking place online. I’m sure I’ll learn more as I live into this new added role.

See you at compline this evening.


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