Dear friends,

There are no words for me to adequately express my gratitude for Joe’s funeral Sunday. I wish with all my heart that such a service wasn’t necessary, but it was and it could not have been better. It was truly perfect. The music, the flowers, the homilies, the attention to the grounds, the abundance of food at the reception, and the abundance of people at the service was overwhelming. I know many people were involved in putting it all together and I am grateful to all of you. Joseph Henry and I felt embraced by love even in the midst of our deep grief.

After the service Hazel (the preacher) and Peggy, another seminary friend and JH’s godmother, came back to the house. We sat around with Joseph Henry and drank wine and laughed and cried and told Joe stories until 2 a.m. It was a good ending to a very hard, but beautiful, day.

I keep hearing that people are concerned about me, and I appreciate that. We are still in shock. Joseph Henry is angry and anxious, I am very weepy. I talked to the bishop after the service and he gave me a lecture about not coming back to work too soon, taking care of myself, and asking for help when I need it. I promised him I would try. I am giving myself permission this week to do nothing but decompress and rest. I have not had a break since this ordeal began in early January and I am exhausted, physically and emotionally. I am going to take my time so that when I do come back to work I can be fully back.

Again, our deep thanks to you all. Joseph Henry said to me several times on Sunday, “Mama, I love St. Dunstan’s.” So do I.

With love,

Tricia and Joseph Henry

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