Dear friends,

Today’s stewardship testimonial about St. Dunstan’s comes from Tommy Hannah, who has the espresso machine ready to fire up whenever we all return to church.

Evolving steadily over the past three years, St. Dunstan’s has completely transformed how Mary Jane and I define “church home.” Our initial experiences were compelling enough to keep us returning, even though we told ourselves from the onset to take our time in finding a new church, and to avoid any and all spontaneous commitments.

Fortunately and soon enough, we threw caution to the wind, becoming completely and unapologetically smitten. Soon we, defying all former thoughts, became completely immersed within the daily life-pulse of St. Dunstan’s.

Our church members, collectively, are addictive, proactive participants in the church’s myriad outreach ministries. When there is a need or a void there are volunteers ready and able to step in. All are happy to do whatever is necessary for each program’s success.

How a relatively small congregation can fulfill so many worthwhile human needs, with spiritual compassion, constant joy, and seemingly endless energy, even today baffles my basic understanding of reasonable.

I join our new stewardship chair, Gwen McAlpine Zimmer, encouraging one and all to faithfully pledge your share, that together we continue to share St. Dunstan’s intimate gifts of the heart, through God’s infinite benevolence, for our own community and beyond.


Tommy Hannah


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