Blessed with a Fox…and so much more!

A few Sundays ago, as Tim and I taught the high school/confirmation class, our fox came into view. He stood cautiously in the St. Francis courtyard (how appropriate!), gazing into our classroom. Even though we moved slowly and quietly, both to get a better view of him and to alert the middle school class next door, our movements alarmed him and he turned tail and hurried away. Tim and I had carefully planned our class, yet the unexpected visit of this beautiful creature certainly was the highlight. Weeks later I still feel blessed. Grace indeed.

Recently I wrote my piece for the Annual Report. It started out as just one more task to be accomplished, but as I wrote I became glad that I had an opportunity to reflect on all the ways that our children are blessed at St. Dunstan’s. First and foremost, we have wonderfully dedicated Sunday school teachers. Their commitment to their ministry and to our children constantly inspires me. We have exceptionally beautiful classroom space and our wonderful Beech Grove. We have strong support and participation from parents and others who assist in the nursery, sort toys, mentor our confirmation students, help with the Christmas pageant or VBS, and more. But just as important as anything planned and in place for Christian education are those fleeting moments of love and beauty that sustain our children…all those moments when any one of you greet one of our children with a smile or a hug, offer a friendly comment or even a gentle admonition. I believe our children know that they are part of a community which values them and is there for them in good times and in bad.

As we end this Sunday school year, I’d like to extend two invitations. One is to a celebratory cook-out in the Beech Grove on May 17th, our last day of Sunday school. (Please see below for details.) The other is to visit the blog on the St. Dunstan’s website. This article will be posted there and I invite your comments. When it comes to children, youth, and parents, what are the strengths of our community that you appreciate? What weaknesses are you aware of and how do you envision them being addressed? What other ideas do you have about making St. Dunstan’s an even better place for children, youth, and their parents? (Of course, if you aren’t a “blogger”, feel free to give me your comments in person.)

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