"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, oh Lord."


The Holy Yes

    The story we hear today from Luke's gospel is one of Jesus' most vivid and harsh parables.     There's the poor man, Lazarus, covered with sores, sitting outside the gates of the rich man's home. He's so hungry he would be happy with...

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 Then and Now

    We all remember where we were and what we were doing that day. I was getting ready for work, about to scoop up 4-month-old Joseph Henry from the bed and leave when I heard the news bulletin – a plane had hit the World Trade Center....

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 Angels Unaware

    It is one of the most basic tenets of scripture in both the Old and New Testaments -- hospitality to the stranger.     Abraham and Sarah are the first in scripture to model it. Abraham is sitting at the entrance to his tent when he...

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We Must Not Fail

    It is Independence Day weekend, a time that we celebrate the founding of this nation that we all love. It seems appropriate to be in church this weekend to offer prayers for our country.     By any standards this is a difficult time...

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A Dangerous Moment

    It’s a dangerous moment for Christianity.     The disciple are gathered together in a locked room. It’s a familiar place to them. They locked themselves away from the world after Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion, fearing that those who...

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 Jesus Wept

    If you came here this morning expecting to hear some words of wisdom or comfort from me, I'm sorry.      I have no words. No words to ease the pain, no words of hope, no words of wisdom.      All I can offer...

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A Toxic Brew

    Last Saturday afternoon I made a routine run to the grocery store. I checked things off my list, chatted with a friend I ran into in the spice section, stood in line, paid for my items, then went home.     All across America...

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An Idle Tale

Utter nonsense. Foolishness. An idle tale. Every year we begin our Easter celebrations with shouts of joy: “Alleluia! Christ is risen!” we cry. “The Lord is risen, indeed. Alleluia!” As we make this joyful proclamation, we may think we are echoing the words with which...

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